Not just your regular business cards…

Everyone still uses business cards to represent their business, as well as other printed media. Printed media represents your business and is an extension of that business. It is always at work when you aren’t there. It is an important piece of business collateral, which can also be a cumbersome expense, and everyone is always looking for a good deal. We recently came across another free business card offer through some social networking online. So we decided to give it a shot with PrintFirm.

Although we did not use the offer for BRANDJames, it is still a representation of our work. Since this printer is working on getting their name out, they offered us a set to try their services if made sure to tell everyone about the experience.  We decided instead to take the offer to get some snazy cards made for VinylTats. We did not have any business cards yet, and although we plan to do mailings and more, we aren’t quite ready for that project. We figured, since VinylTats is about to launch a new website, that it needed a business card to match it’s identity.

Business Cards Trading Card Front

We felt that the best match would be a colorful trading card. It’s smaller than a postcard and yet a little bigger than a traditional business card. The stock is thicker and the overall end product is much more colorful and eye catching. We had to come up with a design and while we rushed it a bit on our end, the result was very good.

There really Business Cards Tradings Cards Backis nothing hard about it, if you have designed business cards before you can do likely do this yourself. The tricky part is the trim. If you want the design to look like a traditional trading card you’ll have to use design elements that will work well. You can see from our back design we loaded a lot of info. We suggest keeping it simple.

You can use the templates that PrintFirm has available on their site, which you can customize online, or you can pay them a $10 fee to help with the design. The $10 fee is reasonable if you can keep your number of revisions down to only three. Pricing is about the same for standard business cards, but be sure to check as this printer runs different price specials periodically. We designed our own, and we can help design yours as well to match your other marketing collateral.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us. For more information about PrintFirm, check out their website at