VinylTats, where would you put it?

Something else we do. As a side project we are designing and creating, in-house, something we call VinylTats.

Very simply, VinylTats are decals made of vinyl that will safely adhere to almost anything. They can be used on glass on vehicles, in homes and at the office. They can be made small enough to be put on many of your electronics. They can be graphics with words or letters. They can be as large as billboards. For the moment we are focusing on VinylTats that are not quite as big as billboards but hopefully you get the picture.

Colors can be handpicked. Pricing will vary depending on size and quantity. Additional charges for color matching and artwork setup if needed. Here are samples of what we have done so far…



With VinylTats, you can be as imaginative as you like. Almost anything, in any size, is possible. Of course, there are some limitations. Depending on the image and text, the decal may not quite the same if the idea started from a picture you found. The reason being, most of the graphics are created from scratch or traced, this takes away from original one dimensional artwork. On the other hand, the final product can be amazing if you give the new design a chance.

If you’d like to see a famous quote or have another unique image or idea please contact us, we can give an idea what it would look like if you send us a picture of where you would like it.