You needed it yesterday?


When we are needed, we get to doing it. You have a project that you’ve been meaning to get done and let’s face it, it isn’t. Otherwise, you would not be here. Right?


We set schedules. We micro-manage if need be. We get it done.


When did you need it?


Example 1:

Traffic at your place of business is diminished during part of the year, and those of us in Phoenix are shaking are heads wondering how can this be. Well, it happens, and there are so many reasons why. You need to find out why and test the theories behind it. For every effect, there is a cause. Who has the time to do that? We do.


We will research the problem by checking the Farmers Almanac, sounds silly, but believe it or not that could help although probably would only turn up a minor shortcoming unless you are planning outdoors events for your business often.


We have it down to a science to help determine the cause and ultimately change the results to your favor.


Example 2:

You have a Facebook page for your business, or maybe you don’t, or even worse, maybe it’s a personal page. If you do not know the difference, click the highlighted link there. Social Media is changing constantly and you don’t have the time to keep up. You run your daily business routines and could not possibly do both, not to mention, TwitterPinterestLinkedIn and the list goes on.


Your BIZ needs SOCIALMedia Management, someone to run it without interruption from the daily routines. It’s definitely not important for daily business but we can think of a few other businesses that ARE doing it. Those businesses that are and are doing it well have a dedicated person or persons running that aspect of their business. It could be in-house or an outsider. Those who are doing it well are probably a combination of both, a collaboration. You need collaboration. We can help collaborate.


We will determine what needs aren’t being met and find a way to improve it. Nothing comes without testing, it is a big part of marketing. Again, like you have time to do that. Let us do it for you. We test. We get results. We improve.


We have it down to a science to help get to what works best for your business.


Example 3:

Your BIZ needs an idea. You have no ideas. Sure you do. You have ideas but just aren’t quite sure how to get them going. Talk it out. We love to listen. Tell us the ideas you have and we can share our thoughts on how best to run with those ideas. Of course with any idea there is always an effect, we will make sure we can predict them as best possible. If we don’t know or aren’t sure what the effects might be, we can research and find out.


We can sit down to breakfast or just coffee while chatting about where you would like to be in the very near future and give you perspective on how long things might take to get started in the right direction.


We take your ideas and run the background research to find out what needs to be done. If we don’t have the answers when we meet, we can usually give you an answer in a few business days.